Hired a jumping castle? Had a clown that made balloon animals or did you sit down at your local Spur or McDonald's for your kids last birthday party?  Boooorrriinngggg!!!!!!!  Have some fun, have a party that they will remember and talk

The main focus of Mobile Zoo is and always will be conservation and education and having fun while doing it. Children do not always realise how much (applied) knowledge they gain as we create a unique opportunity to learn, to see, touch, feel an

Mini Mobilezoo more suited for the younger folks and pre-schools with less facts and age appropriate interactions.

Want to to use any animals for advertisement books etc? Rates for animals and handler R2450-00 per hour and no animal will be used without a mobilezoo appointed handler.  Discounted rates on for extended periods or daily rates negotiable

Need somebody to look after your exotic pets but find that most people fear them or have no idea on how to care for them? We offer an exotic pet boarding service at our premises throughout the year including most holidays. As owner and breeder of

Why buy pets from us? We are not a petshop but our animals are healthy and we emulate their natural conditions as best as possible thus we are often rewarded with young. We do offer these animals for sale from time to time to people that are well
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