Mobilezoo and Covid




Words that we hate but like a thorn, we are reminded of its presence daily and it would seem that it's here to stay for a while. So what are we doing differently to fight the pandemic and take care of our animals, staff and people attending our educational presentations?

With all the time on our hands in the enforced lockdown, we have created this video:

To summarise:

We use one or both sprays to disinfect participants before allowing any interaction

  • F10 (1:500) or we apply them separately in smaller groups.
  • Savlon dilution (1:100) for people with minor cuts and bruises.

Our animals have their own individual marked cages, travel cages and in some cases back up travel cages as well in case they make a mess. This also ensures no cross-contamination between our own animals.

Cages are washed daily after each presentation with a stronger than usually F10 concentration.

Some animal diets are modified to boost their immune systems taking into account that it is winter and we use more fresh produce (fruits and vegetables) plus we have added supplements e.g. additional minerals, vitamins, higher protein, calcium etc.

Increased the temperatures in most of the reptile enclosures slightly and added additional feeding days or increased quantities to ensure animals are in prime condition.

Remember we can take all the precautions we need to but at the end of the day safety is everybody's responsibility and each person must actively do their part to ensure their own and the safety of loved ones around them.

Take care

Team Mobilezoo




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