What is minizoo?

Mobilezoo celebrated its 7th birthday on 28 October 2018 and our main focus remains to educate people about the pros and cons of keeping exotic animals as pets, the legality of some local animals kept as pets, and general animal behaviors as well as other interesting facts. Our target audience is children as they are most likely to be the driving force behind acquiring these animals thus we focus on schools, pre-schools, family events, exhibitions, expos, and at times children's parties.

As the owner and main presenter of Mobilezoo I do not deviate from my educational message even at kids parties and I normally declined functions for young kids and the age group 0f 1 - 3 years at pre-schools. Minizoo staff can effectively communicate with these youngsters thus we created Minizoo to cater for that age group, complementing what I do in Mobilezoo and adding a presentation for the younger guys using some of our and other more suitable abandoned animals for her presentations. many Preschool teachers advise that exposing kids to some of the animals at younger ages will make them less likely to be afraid when we return for a visit the following year and they have grown a little older.

That is how Minizoo was born, and although a separate entity we share a pool of animals, equipment and resources.

This makes our combined offering unique as you now have somebody that caters for different ages and we can host simultaneous educational sessions at a venue. Each team is an owner operated entity with our own unique animals and educational message. We can also seamlessly combine our talents to cater for larger numbers and corporate events as both look after and care for our rescue critters.

Minizoo staff have their own presentation style and uses many similar but also her own unique selection of animals to cater for smaller guys. 

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