Why buy pets from us?

We are not a petshop but our animals are healthy and we emulate their natural conditions as best as possible thus we are often rewarded with young. We do offer these animals for sale from time to time to people that are well aware of the responsibility of keeping these animals and it helps us create a diverse and balanced gene pool. As we bred most of these animals ourselves or obtained them from friends so we know the bloodlines, quality and correct age. Normally the mammals have already been handled by children and are usually very tame. We also receive animals that can no longer be cared for and we either give them to homes that can take care of them or we sell them with the correct enclosures with food and required materials (most often on a donation basis) to help us fund the costs of collecting, rehabilitating and rehousing animals which is all done on a voluntary basis. 

We offer a free* boarding service to small animals, reptiles and insects obtained from ourselves at our premises during holidays. (*This excludes food and consumables which the owners supply) As we actually have and care for these animals we can provide free  localised and relevant information on the animals supplied by ourselves plus you will get access to our website members' area and brochures, care sheets, tips etc.

Save money. Our chinchilla food and accessories like bathing sand etc. are often bought in bulk and the savings forwarded directly to you.



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