Hired a jumping castle? Had a clown that made balloon animals or did you sit down at your local Spur or McDonald's for your kid's last birthday party?  Boooorrriinngggg!!!!!!!  Have some fun, have a party that they will remember and talk about for a long time and let's not forget that they actually learn cool stuff as well without having to take out a personal loan at your venue. An added benefit is that granny, grandpa, your guests, and the kids will enjoy and learn.

Kid's Parties Costing guide:


Travel *


Optional Extra

1 Hour R2250

0-25 Km R100

Assistant R350

Feeding R75

1.5 Hour R2750

25 - 50 Km R200


Table R 100

Additional 30min R500

50 -75 Km R350



Sunday R2750

75-100 Km R550



Public holiday R2750

100- 130 Km R850



* Kms are calculated using Garmin GPS using shortest time routes from our premises to yours and return. These fees may increase so book now and reserve your show at the old prices and beat any price increase!

 The fee structure is based on a group of 15-20 children. For larger groups or if parents join in the fun we will require an assistant. With an assistant, we bring more animals that can be held simultaneously, and now different animals can be handled at the same time e.g. at the end of a demo some kids can handle a snake while others play with a guinea pig! The assistant also ensures the safety of our animals and your guests. Lately, we find that even with smaller groups people are asking for an assistant as they are effectively reducing the waiting time while everybody gets a chance to touch animals during a show.

All I need is your completed booking form, payment and a place in the shade and a small table, a bucket of water, mild soap, and a towel for kids to wash their hands and I'll supply the rest!




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